Saturday, August 22, 2020

How to Choose a Style in Instagram

Admin | August 22, 2020
The Rank Of This Is The First And Most Important Step Because It Is How You Are Going To Choose The Perfect Filt In Consumer's Market.
How do you want your overall Instagram feed to look

• Dark / Moody
• White
• Colorful
• Natural
• Brown
• Vintage 

No idea what style to choose? 

It’s okay, try this: 

• Find 1 account you love
• Understand the overall style of the feed
• The types of photos he/she takes
• The colors in the photos 

Look at the examples below to see what I mean. 

Overall style:

Type of photos:
Outfits, landscapes,

Colors in the photos:
Black, white, grey brown,
green (nothing colorful)


Overall style:
Bright vintage

Type of photos:

Colors in the photos:
White, peach/pink, brown,

I hope you enjoy this post and the photos. How to Choose a Style in Instagram

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